Facilities Rental at Wayne State

Thank you for your interest in hosting an event on the campus of Wayne State University.  We invite you to explore some of the amazing spaces we have to offer below.  This list is not exhaustive, so please contact Community Affairs at communityaffairs@wayne.edu for more information on additional options to meet your needs.

Facilities to Rent

For more information on reserving space at one of the following venues, please contact:

McGregor Memorial Conference Center
(313) 577-2400

DeRoy AuditoriumDeRoy Auditorium

  • comfortable auditorium with two separate facilities

  • 300 or 400 lecture-style capacity

McGregor Memorial Conference Center

  • Recently renovated, two-story facility

  • Year-round availability

  • McGregor

    12 conference rooms with seating capabilities from 10 to 600

  • Full catering service

  • Rooms range from 550 square feet to 3,100 square feet

  • Internet, videoconferencing and webcasting capabilities

  • Satellite downlinking capabilities

  • Attractive lobby with receptionist

For more information on reserving space at one of the following venues, please contact:

Student Center Reservations

573 Student Center
5221 Gullen Mall
Detroit, MI 48202
(313) 577-4585
(313) 577-3520 fax


Community Arts



Community Arts Center Auditorium

  • A spacious venue with theatre-style seating for 560

  • Projection booth and updated audio, lighting and acoustical systems

  • Multiple dressing rooms in the backstage area

  • 3,400-square-foot exhibit gallery and/or a 4,700-square-foot outer gallery Student Center

St. AndrewsSt. Andrews

  • Beautiful stone structure with attractive stained glass windows

  • Seating for 160

  • Suitable for banquets, wedding and other formal occasions

Student Center Building

  • More than 15,500 square feet of flexible meeting space in a spacious multilevel facility 

  • 5,150-square-foot ballroom

    Student Center
  • 500 capacity for lecture-style seating

  • 350 capacity for banquet seating

  • 150 capacity in a workshop-style arrangement

  • 4,050-square foot Hilberry Lounges

  • 4,700 square feet of additional meeting rooms

The Welcome CenterWelcome Center

  • Bright spacious lobby with plasma screen capabilites and reception-style space

  • Accommodates up to 600

  • Multimedia auditorium with permanent seating for 200

  • Available for weekend use only


For more information on reserving space at one of the following venues, please contact:

University Libraries - Room Scheduling at 313-577-3500.

General LecturesGeneral Lectures

  • Two lecture halls and a charming Italian lounge with a reception area for 60 and an attached kitchenette

  • Options for both 750 and 250 people in lecture-style seating with stage

Other rooms available

  • Community Room (3rd floor David Adamany Undergraduate Library, seats 50-80 people, w/tables and chairs)*

  • Special Collections Room (3rd floor David Adamany Undergraduate Library, seats 30 people, w/tables and chairs)

  • Community Room and Special Collections (3rd floor David Adamany Undergraduate Library, combines two above)*

  • Bernath Auditorium  (seats 150, 1st floor David Adamany Undergraduate Library)

  • Kresge Auditorium (seats 100, 1st floor Purdy/Kresge Library)

  • Bernath Seminar Room ** (seats 16, 3rd floor David Adamany Undergraduate Library)

* Food is allowed to be served in Community Room, but not placed on any glass display cases.  Food is not allowed in any other room or in either auditorium
** Reservable by Faculty/Staff only.

Rooms in Old Main, DeRoy, General Lectures, Purdy/Kresge, Natural Science, Science Hall and Science Library will be permanently equipped, making it no longer necessary to place an order for equipment. If you need to reserve equipment at Oakland Center you should contact them at 248-553-3545. Media Services does not provide support to the other extension centers or the Medical Campus.